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Tandem Skydiving in Eugene

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is the perfect introduction to this adrenaline-filled sporting activity! Join us here at Skydive Eugene for the most awesome ways to experience the thrills and elation of complete freefall skydiving over Oregon. Tandem skydiving has allowed countless first time skydivers without experience to enjoy the extraordinary excitement safely and easily!

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Eugene Skydiving School

Skydiving Instructing

There are many ways to become a licensed skydiver. At Skydive Eugene, our partners provide an AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) training technique. Some of our affiliates offer training tandem jumps (Tandem Progression) that allow the student to acquire expertise and confidence with a jump master attached. Call Skydive Eugene now to learn about available skydive training courses available near Eugene.

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Skydiving Gifts Eugene

Skydiving Gift Cards

Great for any special occasion, Skydive Eugene Gift Cards can be purchased as a tandem skydive, a solo course or one of the great Eugene Skydiving packages that Skydive Eugene offers. Gift Certificates are valid for 24 months from the time of purchase and are fully transferable so that the recipient can always re-gift it!

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Eugene Skydiving Videos

Skydive Video Bundles

Keep the memories of your very first Eugene skydive with a personalized skydiving video! Choose from popular skydiving video options featuring first-person perspective cameras, a fast-paced, professionally-produced soundtrack, and pre-formatted videos that you can upload to your social media sites immediately after your jump.

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When ever you're prepared to experience the most exhilarating, addicting and all-natural bliss in the Eugene area, give us a ring! Right here at Skydive Eugene, our staff of skydive specialists can help you select the perfect skydiving experience for you, your family and your friends. We are dedicated to delivering you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible prices. Contact us today to transform your dreams into a reality!

Should I try Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Freefall?

First and foremost, there is a major difference between tandem skydiving and our AFF program. Both are great opportunities for the thrill seeker at heart and we provide both, but the key difference between the two lies in the descent from the sky. One method involves falling from the sky with an instructor. The other involves free falling solo... With substantial training, of course. In the end this is a choice that only you, the skydiver can make, when deciding between the two. It all boils down to personal preference, confidence, and security levels.

Skydiving with a Tandem Instructor

You've wanted to give this a try your entire life, or as long as you can recall, but you just can't seem to work up the courage to try it alone. That's okay. If you're determined to skydive, but you're not interested in learning how to skydive by yourself, you can tandem skydive.

Tandem skydiving provides the same sensation of falling from the sky minus the worry of managing everything by yourself. Rather than flying alone, you're attached to a highly-trained instructor with safety at the forefront. Now, while you won't undergo the type of instruction you can expect with our AFF course, there is some training involved. You'll learn the fundamentals of safety protocols and on how to safely tandem jump with the instructor to avoid putting yourself or the instructor in danger. Tandem skydiving is the ideal choice for those who want the experience of free falling minus the responsibility and extensive training.

Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF)

If you're a true thrill seeker at heart, then the title itself sounds exciting, doesn't it? This course is offered to educate the student exactly how to do what it requires to safely and securely descent from the sky by themselves.

Our Accelerated Freefall program will train you as a professional skydiver. Those who do not want to complete the whole program can take Step one again and again. In Step One you will discover everything you need to know to safely jump from the aircraft and release your parachute, including:

  • the best way to dive from the airplane safely
  • how you can release the parachute
  • releasing the reserve chute
  • controlling your body throughout the jump

Although you are under no commitment to finish all the steps of our Accelerated Freefall course, why wouldn't you want to? Not only do you get a certificate of completion and the privilege of calling yourself a licensed skydiver, you also become part of an elite family of people who have the same daring spirit and the passion to soar above Earth.

The Final Choice

No matter what your choice, once landing, you can feel free to pat yourself on the back, and rejoice in your accomplishment. In addition to incredible memories, you can consider yourself an official skydiver. With AFF or Tandem you will soon come to recognize you belong to the skydiving family-- a bunch of thrill seekers just like yourself. To find out more about our comprehensive AFF course, or to get started on a tandem dive, call Skydive Eugene to book the journey of a lifetime today!

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